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Doll Clothing Darling Little Flamingo Short Set, Bright Pink Shorts With A White Tank Top With Flamingo Design. Also Fits Bitty Baby. Fits American Girl Or Any Similiar 18 Dolls .

Rating 4
Doll Clothing Darling Little Flamingo


Package Quantity: 1

Little ones enjoy the lovable and huggable Doll Clothing Darling brought to you by Wholesaledoll. One of the several features for this doll is the fits american girl and similiar 18" dolls. Additional features include things like doll not included. The key to acquiring good information about American Girl dolls has been to browse a good number of comparisons. Be sure you examine the price of American Girl dolls. Make a bit of additional time and you'll find exactly you ought to buy for kids at the suitable value, select the link below.



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